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I’ve had a dream since I was a young child that hopefully I will fulfil! Whenever I passed a field with dairy cattle, bullocks, sheep or pigs I would have a lump in my throat knowing that the only freedom they would have is death. As soon as they were of no more use they would be shipped off to the abattoir. I became vegetarian at 13 years old back in the 80’s and am now vegan. I first made the connection between animals and what I was eating at the age of 2 when I asked what was on my plate and told “Baa lamb” that was it! I refused lamb from then on.

What is my dream? To be able to afford some land and be able to ‘rescue’ some pre-slaughter animals, cows, sheep, pigs, horses, ex-battery hens etc. Only on a small scale as I will need to somehow use my head not my heart. This is going to be so difficult! Any animals that I can take in will be promised as comfortable life as possible to last their FULL lifespan which means I need to be financially stable and not over stretch. How I’m going to do this is scary. How do I say no when I look into an animals eyes? Tears are welling up just thinking of this prospect. If only the world we lived in was compassionate and would stop this exploitation.

What am I doing towards this? So far I've sold personal items, like jewellery, clothes, collections etc and sold the family home! Sad to say that my home county of Somerset is too expensive and I will need to move away for the first time in my life. Wales is more affordable and appears to be the land of opportunity.

How will I fund it? Now this is scary too, as somehow I will need an income. Love is free but animal food and vet care isn’t. Thinking long and hard about this one as it needs to be as eco and sustainable as possible. Vegan, palm oil free, soaps & cosmetics to sell using extracts from our own plants.

Long term hopes –

1) Rescue pre-slaughter animals

2) Build up a vegan permaculture enterprise

3) A forest garden with a wide variety of trees and bee friendly plants.

4) Camping area for anyone that wants to come along and chill or help. The only request will be that it remains vegan.

5) Vegan soaps (without palm oil) for sale online and alongside our produce/plants at a market. Hopefully branching into other products.

6) Ex-battery hens, turkeys, ducks – Now another quandary, if there are eggs? We’ve come up with offering them for ‘sale’ – donations only, towards animal feed, leaving some (away from our feathered friends) for local foxes and badgers and maybe occasional enrichment for the dogs (damaged eggs).

7) Bee hives – Api-centred – only for habitat not for honey.

8) Offering placements/classes for local youngsters/disabled etc. Trying to give back to the local community and hopefully enriching someone’s life in the process.

There you have it, my dream and it is starting to come true this year. Will update as things happen.

Meet The Family

Here are some of the rescued members of our family here at New Haven Project:


Clove & Nutmeg




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